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Law Firm’s Interview

Running a successful business can lead to legal disputes. Imagine, your supplier, client, or competitor wrongs you (the “Harm”). No matter how hard you try to settle the Harm, the wrong-doer continues to dismiss your concerns, ignore you, or even worse, insult you. The Harm starts to eat at you: you think about it on the drive to work; you think about it at lunch; and when you get home at the end of a long day, you find yourself obsessing over it while brushing your teeth. It infuriates you. You decide that you need to take action. You decide to enforce your legal rights.

Litigation and alternative dispute resolution are stressful topics. To make the matters worse, how do you find a good lawyer? Maybe you ask  a friend for a referral. Maybe you scour the internet and find a blog posting related to your case written by a lawyer. However it happens, you settle on the name of a law firm or a lawyer. You schedule a meeting at the firm. You attend and find yourself sitting in a conference room surrounded by leather-bound books across the table from a lawyer.


So what happens next? It is time for you to interview your potential lawyer. Litigation is a battlefield. Is this the gladiator you want to send into war? Remember to ask the important questions.

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