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98.1 CHFI’s Darren & Mo’s Work Perk at SNF

Posted on May 1, 2019 | Posted in SNF News

Last week, our Law Clerk, Rose Avarino, won 98.1 CHFI’s Darren & Mo’s Work Perk Contest. On Thursday, April 26, 2019, CHFI’s morning show hosts, Darren Lamb and Maureen Holloway (Mo), came to our office along with their effective and cutest stress management team – two adorable Labrador puppies!

SNF law clerk, Rose, holding a labrador puppy.


Partners, associates, and staff all cuddled away their workday stress with these two playful puppies and got to meet and chat with Darren & Mo, CHFI staff along with a representative from the Toronto Humane Society, and the puppies’ foster parents. Although the visit was only an hour long, it was a lot of fun and more importantly, allowed us to take a welcome break from our often busy and stressful workday. Just taking a break is great but taking a break to socialize with colleagues and two adorable puppies is that much better and allows our minds to slow down and rest.

Research shows that when we slow down and do the unthinkable – rest – we are happier humans and happier means more productive.

Two labrador puppies resting on the floor at SNF's office.

Today, more and more employers are realizing the importance of keeping their employees happy and of promoting mental health in the workplace. SNF is not new to this concept. Since its inception in 1979, SNF has closed down its office twice annually to host “Fun Days” for all its lawyers and staff. Fun Days are events outside the office where everyone can interact with one another and have fun together with a focus on outdoor activities. This not only promotes team building but allows everyone to take a break from the office routine. SNF also offers, among other initiatives, part-time hours to some of its lawyers and staff and the opportunity to work from home. This flexibility is especially helpful to those of our lawyers with young children, especially when their kids or caregivers are sick.

Last week was another example of how SNF promotes mental health in the workplace. A big thank you to Rose who entered the contest, the Toronto Humane Society, and 98.1 CHFI, who made it happen.

If you or your company wishes to host such an event, please see the Toronto Humane Society’s website.

Two labrador puppies sitting at SNF's office door.


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