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Hazel McCallion

Business Ambassador


Former Mayor Hazel McCallion, dubbed Hurricane Hazel by her fans and supporters, was Mississauga and Canada’s longest-serving mayor. She was elected in November 1978 and served for 36 years before retiring on November 30, 2014. Former Mayor McCallion lead Mississauga through an era of unprecedented growth: as of June 2014, there were over 62,300 businesses in Mississauga with over 420,500 employed within the City [1]. Former Mayor McCallion is a champion of, and continues to play an active role in, causes that she believes will benefit business and the community at large.

Speigel Nichols Fox LLP welcomes Former Mayor McCallion as a Business Ambassador for the firm. Former Mayor McCallion and Speigel Nichols Fox LLP share a disruptor attitude and an entrepreneurial spirit.

“I could never toe the party line. I’d wear out the carpet crossing the floor.”
– Mayor Hazel McCallion

“The most frightening words in politics are, ‘Hazel McCallion on line 1.'”
– a former Cabinet minister, who wishes to remain anonymous


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