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Tiziana Moretti


  • Trained in Internet Intelligence. A course taken worldwide by employees of police agencies, financial institutions, and other public and private associations
  • Business Administration (Honours) -  Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology - 1983


  • Canada Trust (now the Toronto-Dominion Bank)


  • English and Italian


  • Member of the Mississauga Board of Trade
  • Participant of the ICE Italian Trade Commission at Toronto (an Italian government organisation that promotes and supports the internationalism of Italian corporations in Ontario)
  • Participant of the Credit Association of Greater Toronto
  • Organized the Shop Locally, Professionally galas, which allowed service providers to hobnob with local businesses as well as SNF's business ambassador Hazel McCallion


  • Award of Excellence - The Canada Trust Company

Tiziana Moretti

Chief Law Clerk

tel: (905) 366-9700 x235
fax: (905) 366-9707

Tiziana Moretti joined Speigel Nichols Fox LLP in 1996 and is its chief law clerk. She is in charge of the firm’s debt collection & enforcement department and works closely with the firm’s lawyers.

Prior to joining Speigel Nichols Fox LLP, Tiziana was the manager of the mortgage administration unit at The Canada Trust Company (now part of The Toronto-Dominion Bank) for 11 years. In that capacity, she supervised a staff of approximately 30 employees and was responsible for the funding, administration, and collection of loans and mortgages for the Western Lake Ontario Region, encompassing Toronto and many of its surrounding areas. The Region was responsible for one of CT’s largest lending portfolios.

Tiziana’s knowledge of collections from a business perspective gives Speigel Nichols Fox LLP a competitive edge. She is well versed in assessing the financial resources of a debtor before and after judgment and is skilled in, and uses, all enforcement mechanisms available to creditors under the law.

Debtors often hide their assets from creditors. Tiziana strives to uncover these assets through her unsurpassed assessment of a debtor’s financial background. Through extensive due diligence, research, and a touch of creativity, she analyses who the debtor is, how s/he became insolvent, and what s/he has done with his/her assets.

Due to her expertise, Tiziana and her team are well-known to trustees-in-bankruptcy. Tiziana’s team does not simply accept a bankrupt’s statement of affairs. They delve into that statement to substantiate the debtor’s affairs and assets before they accept that the debtor is truly insolvent.

The Law Society of Upper Canada, on the recommendation of other lawyers, has asked Tiziana to give a continuing legal education course on debt collection.

Tiziana spoke about collections to lawyers and paralegals at one day course offered by Osgoode Law School.

At the request of the Ontario Municipal Tax and Revenue Association (OMTRA), Tiziana spoke to its members about collection at their annual Conference.

She has also given presentations to various financial institutions and businesses in debt collection. After matters have concluded, it is not unusual for opposing counsel to call upon Tiziana for advice on other collection matters.


  • Acted for large and small financial institutions, credit unions, a provincial government agency, lawyers, insurance companies, businesses, construction companies, and builders
  • Worked with lawyers in advising clients regarding fraudulent conveyance actions, piercing of corporate veils, Mareva injunctions, Norwich applications, garnishment, seizure, bankruptcy actions, trust remedies, and Sheriff sales
  • Reviewed and assessed credit applications, underwriting files, credit bureaus, sub-searches of property, and numerous other searches
  • Conducted examinations in aid of execution
  • Analysed complex and voluminous files to set out collection blueprint for lawyers to follow
  • Worked with lawyers to attack bankruptcy payments and proposals
  • Negotiated hundreds if not thousands of settlement arrangements
  • Unveiling debtors' deceitful acts of fraud such as affirming the debtor's true identity
  • Investigate and access a debtor's life history to expose the debtor's path to hidden assets
  • Worked with and represented corporations based in Italy to assist and resolve legal matters in Ontario
  • Worked with and represented a global debt collection agency to assist and resolve legal matters in Canada, France, Spain, Mexico and USA
  • Acted for a US Hedge Fund
  • Acted for two food distributors against a large grocery store chain to successfully collect their debts
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