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Equitable Receiver

Posted on January 15, 2018 | Posted in Collections, Five Liners

Luu v. Abuomar 2017 Ont SCJ

There are 4 requirements to the appointment of an equitable receiver: (1) creditor obtains a writ of execution and files it with the sheriff; (2) creditor requests sheriff to levy the execution but sheriff is unsuccessful; (3) debtor owns or has an interest in an asset that is not otherwise exigible at common law; and (4) there is some kind of legal or practical impediment to seizure at common law. The judge held that criterion 4 had to be considered at the same time as criterion 3. In this case, the creditor had attempted to sell the debtor’s joint undivided interest in the property on 4 separate occasions and that nothing of consequence had been received; a judgment debtor examination was unsuccessful; and the debtor had attempted to thwart the creditor’s efforts to sell the property by arranging for a significant judgment against himself, a judgment that the creditor had set aside on the basis of fraud. Under these circumstances, the judge ordered the appointment of an equitable receiver.


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