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We advise owners, general contractors, subcontractors, architects, and consultants involved in all types of construction law matters.

Construction Litigation

Construction projects may involve contracts between an owner, a mortgagee, an architect, a contractor, many subcontractors, and even more sub-subcontractors. Disputes arise regarding these contracts and that is where we come in. We have successfully negotiated, mediated (as counsel and as the mediator), arbitrated, and litigated all types of construction disputes. Among other things, we have dealt with matters including issues relating to the tender process, procurement, money due, deficiencies, liens, trusts, and negligent work.  We understand that clients involved in construction disputes want a quick and reasonable resolution to their disputes and we assist them in achieving that goal.

Construction Contracts

We also advise clients in the negotiation and drafting of all construction-related contracts, including design-build, construction management, stipulated sum prime contacts and subcontracts, P3 contracts, and tender and RFP documents. Construction agreements relate, in essence, to the allocation of risk. We have learned, through years of experience, which risks are likely to materialize into disputes and which are not. Our ability to effectively negotiate construction agreements is based on our understanding as to which risks our clients should (and should not) be willing to take.

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