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Debt Collection & Enforcement

We excel in the area of consumer and commercial debt collection. Our strength lies in providing cost-effective and innovative recovery solutions. We have incorporated the expertise of a former bank collections manager, who had extensive experience at a major financial institution, to provide enhanced debt collection services. We represent, amongst others, financial institutions, credit unions, and insurance companies in their collection work regarding both secured and unsecured debts.

We are routinely hired to conduct detailed investigations of a debtor’s past and present financial situation. We are skilled at determining whether a debtor has assets and, if so, the location of those assets, whether they be openly owned or fraudulently hidden.

Many members of our team have been trained in Internet intelligence, having attended a course taken worldwide by employees of police agencies, financial institutions, and other public and private associations. We also have access to various resources that enable us to effectively find a debtor’s assets.

Once our investigation is complete, we provide our clients with a recommendation as to whether or not it is cost-effective to proceed. If our client chooses to do so, we manage both the legal and recovery aspects of collections. We make initial contact with a debtor to attempt to resolve matters without litigation. If necessary, however, we can (amongst other things):

  • commence legal proceedings (including bankruptcy proceedings, actions to set aside fraudulent conveyances and preferences, and other fraud-related actions)
  • realize on secured and unsecured assets
  • seek  injunctive relief and declaratory orders to attach assets so as to maximize recovery
  • seek Norwich orders

Over the years, we have acted for creditors on over 6,000 files and recovered millions of dollars. Our clients include insurance companies, financial institutions, corporations, and individuals.

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