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Major infrastructure projects are on the rise throughout Ontario. This includes the building of schools, hospitals, public transit (including the expanded use of Light Rail Transit throughout the GTA), roads, bridges, and more. In order to develop these projects, however, the public entity responsible for the project often needs to build on privately-owned land.

Expropriation is the process by which public entities are entitled to acquire privately-owned land without the owner’s consent in order to fulfill a public purpose. In Ontario, the Expropriations Act governs the process: it outlines how land is to be acquired and defines the rights of landowners and the obligations of the expropriating entity.

Whether you are an expropriating authority in need of assistance in navigating the complexities of the expropriations process or a home/business owner facing a potential expropriation, we can help you understand your legal rights and guide you through the process. Not only do we have experience in expropriation law, but we have experience in other areas of law that relate to expropriation, including commercial litigation and real estate law.

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