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The federal government plans to introduce legislation in 2018 legalizing the sale of marijuana for personal use. This will be a dramatic change – one with drastic economic impacts. Conservatively, legalization will result in over $1 billion in revenue from sales and taxes. Many businesses are preparing now to be ready for what is inevitably to come.

We can help you prepare for this new reality. If you are interested in becoming involved directly or indirectly in a marijuana related business, we can help you navigate the current regulations with a view to the future. It is likely that Canada will use other jurisdictions that have legalized marijuana (such as Colorado) as a template for the Canadian approach. Timothy Morgan has written articles on the potential regulatory environment after legalization and has spoken on the topic of regulation on CBC radio.

Even if you are not directly involved in the marijuana industry, legalization will still influence your business, especially as an employer. You should revisit your employment contracts, codes of conduct, and policies to address the change. Susanne Balpataky has written and spoken on what employers can do to be ready for legalization.

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