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1. Rewarding Results

We are more interested in what a lawyer accomplishes than the length of time it takes to accomplish it.

2. Flexibility

We know that wanting to work from home on Tuesdays, wanting to work four days a week, or wanting to go to yoga at 3pm on Thursdays, does not mean that we have a bad or unreasonable lawyer. We seek to customize a lawyer’s working experience in a manner that meets the needs of the lawyer and our firm – with a compensation that fairly reflects the lawyer’s work product.

3. A Firm That Encourages Change

We insist on evolving with the times. We are not only open to new ideas, we encourage our lawyers to dream big, think differently, and implement smartly. We really try hard never to say “because that is the way it has always been done.”

4. Enjoying Work and Life

We won’t lie – we work hard, which is why we believe that creating an enjoyable work environment is essential.

We do not believe in bureaucracy and hierarchy just for the sake of it. We do not tolerate big egos who cannot operate in a team environment. We are similarly not interested in having our lawyers undertake make-work projects to increase billable hours.

We believe that trust and loyalty are two of the most important ingredients in a sustainable working relationship. As a result, we do everything that we can to engender those values in our lawyers. We feel that lawyers produce their best work when they like what they are doing and believe that they are being appropriately rewarded for their contributions. We try to create an environment where that is possible.

We also value everything else in life. We know that lawyers who are able to spend quality time outside of work make for better workers.


We are looking for Big Law alumni who are interested in challenging the status quo. We want someone who is:

·       Smart & articulate

·       Hard working – life does not owe you a living

·       Hard playing – you still have a life outside work

·       Technically competent

·       An entrepreneur

·       Someone with a sense of humour – when you work with us, it helps

We could compose an even longer list, but very few people are perfect, so why bother?

Your résumé will tell us a lot about you, but it will not tell us about who you are. When you send us a cover letter, do not tell us that you have excellent written and oral communication skills (yawn, do you think we expect an illiterate?) or that you are a team player (does that mean you cannot work independently?).

Do not write your own reference telling us how great you are (getting someone else to do it whom we respect is another matter). Tell us something that will interest us or, alternatively, that will make us laugh.

1. Have you ever dealt with opposing counsel who was older than you, appeared to be more knowledgeable than you about the applicable substantive area of law, and told you that your case was ridiculous, you were an idiot, or your client was a liar? What did you do?

2. Have you ever gotten yourself invited to an invite-only conference that you really wanted to attend? How did you do it?

3. Are you assertive? Tell us about how your assertiveness led you into an extraordinary situation.

4. Have you had dinner with the president of the USA? An MP? A Fortune 500 CEO (who is not your father)? A Muay Thai wrestler? A self-admitted pirate (either high seas or technology)?

Tell us an interesting story about yourself. Then you will be showing, not telling, us how well you write.

To apply, please send a cover letter and résumé to

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