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Shop Locally, Professionally is an initiative that SNF started in 2015 with Hazel McCallion. The initiative’s goal is to promote a healthy and vibrant business community by helping Mississauga businesses forge stronger connections with their local service providers. We also hope to strengthen the relationships that exist between local service providers. Since its inception, many local service providers have teamed up with us in a variety of ways to promote the initiative.

Genesis of the initiative

First comes the businesses: During Hazel McCallion’s 36 years as mayor of Mississauga, the city transformed from a small collection of farm towns and villages to Canada’s sixth largest city housing the head offices (or major divisional/regional head offices) of more than 70 Fortune 500 companies.

Next comes the service providers: The next phase of the evolution of the city includes a proliferation of service providers, those whose job it is to service the needs of the growing business community. Although Mississauga has long been home to many great service providers, the need for service providers will continue to grow. Shop Locally, Professionally hopes to help that process along.

The Advantages of Shopping Locally

Providing better value: Businesses have relocated to Mississauga in part to reduce overhead. With lower overhead, Mississauga-based service providers are better positioned to provide clients with better value.

Local knowledge: Local service providers have local knowledge that can come in very handy.

Reduced travel time: Although much can be done electronically, service providers still need to meet with their clients from time to time. Meetings done locally save clients the time and expense associated with attending meetings in downtown Toronto.

Benefits of the Initiative to the Business Community

We are convinced that Mississauga businesses will benefit from a broader choice of locally-based service providers. By providing a platform that helps to promote Mississauga service providers, we help to encourage a positive feedback cycle that will hopefully result in a proliferation of them. Mississauga’s thriving business community has the collective strength to flex its muscles and start demanding that its service providers cater to them – by offering services here in Mississauga. The more we promote, the more businesses will use the service providers and the more service providers will come.

Getting involved:

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